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Thursday, 28 March 2013



I loit, I loit in the dark calm,
Inside the belle of my mom.
She took me diet in pleasant,
She got me alive in the bright.
She made me suffer from dawn to dusk.
Oh! Mummy, Oh! Mummy.
Ye… The lovely divine
Oh! Mummy, Oh! Mummy
Ye... The lovely suphire
Has  rainy eyes
Keep smile on face.
Go to a tour of desire
Take a purr in the heart.
I loit, I loit in the dark calm.
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….the lovely face
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….. the questioned eye
 She has a woeful ballads
Composed by emetic heart
Listening her teary eyes.
Ye…. Have a puzzle ego.
Which is full woeful satchel.
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye…. The buzz passion
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….. The Questioned escape


 WHY SO?:- This is an hypothetical story based on tale of an engineering student`s life which is true at glance.This story shows the the...

Why am i a Trollope?

Once I had a glory,
Dignity and pride
Of my parents,
I had a world of roses.
Now, a lonely star outside
The closed universe
I had my twisted soul
Long ago
I experienced
The darkest of pain
That was a black day
I  sold by twerp
For his income
Due to addiction of wine
Every guy take me high
At every night bit by bit
And I pert them
To get passion flower by them.
Whenever their lips meet mine
My throat burns with anger
While my stomach growls even mare.
I lost my hopes
My dignity
My soul and
They took my virginity
My hopes & dream
Now, I am nothing
Nut a Trollope before you.
  I stand in front of the mirror
And wipe the beg away
My vision is still hazy
From ridding myself this way
I ashamed of what I have done
But it hurts me more
I can’t make myself stop doing it
Because yet I have lost my hopes
I can’t be for samon’s true

melting candle

Melting Candle

Burns slowly
Melts jolly
Creates a passionate
Love story
It is a candle,
 going to die
But matchsticks
Had already died
To make the brightness
In this candle’s life
But have to pay
The curse of love
To scarify its life
In the memory of its
Beloved sweet matchstick
Which burnt for a moment
To give the brightness
But had to die
So, the candle
Melts happily
And give the message
Clean& clear that
All the love story
Had to die
To stay forever still alive
- Bazil

traffic signal



I loited here and there on the footpath at once
I stopped for a moment at the traffic signal
People were busy there
Rushes of car were every where
I felt in my heart that
Life teaches me what is!
Tell me have complicated it can be
A child ran here & there
Beg money to come hopefully
Near the window of every car.
I looked around in sheer trust ration
People put-on AC and a boy asked for money
That he is alone and has to earn
To serve his life at there
Some one payed him as his luck
He moved to another car
And asked for money
With a new reason and crushed his luck
A girl felt pain, standing at the traffic signal
She had to be sell herself at there
It was not her profession
But what could she do?
For her stomach
She had no hopes, no dreams
But only tried to earn money
She was not raped but raped daily
Because she didn’t want that actually
But still she had to stand there
In search of her customer there
For a moment  at traffic signal




This is an hypothetical story based on tale of an engineering student`s life which is true at glance.This story shows the the imagination of third eye which sees an image of a girl to whom a boy fall in love and breeds out of his emotion at a corner of his turns ahead.but at once he meet that girl to whom he watches in his hypothetical sense and continue with her aeon. both make their story a passionate but in fugal way.lastly girl swipes herself from her spirits beyond him and make him a boy without soul.this is an endemic story of two hearts where nuffin go at their thurshold point.ultimately girl moves away from him and he become a guy of zero sense but devoted himself for a reason of her respect,caring and happiness to melt himself for her bright side of life at last. 

                      SCENE 1
There is autumn weather in jaipur, Rahil sits on the bank of a lake near jal mahal and smokes quietly.he is in deep boozy and see a girl in his sense..Suddenly he hears some sound and turn around.
shashank and vaibhav come to him.
Shashank: hi rahil wats up!DUDE
Vaibhav: hey buddy,what are u doing here?
Rahil: nothing guys, just i spent my time.how are you here?
Vaibhav: we just come here for walk
Shashank: Rahil! what happen ? you are looking upset
Rahil: nope! i m good.
Vaibhav: then why u r silent?
Rahil: as usual, i just think about a girl.
Shashank: What??? 
Vaibhav; GGGiiiirrrrl
Vaibhav: Who is she?
Rahil: I don know.
Shashank: What does it mean? you dont know but u think for her.
Vaibhav: oh man why r u getting timid with us,just share us about her dude
Rahil: nope yr, i m nt shying
Rahil : this is fact! i dont know about her,but a girl always come in my dreams and hopes for aeon.
Shashank: hahhaha
Vaibhav:( smily) ok how does she look?
Rahil: she looks like smesher yaar.
Shashank: u are really mad!

                                  SCENE 2
There are very crowd in amass at the bus stand in the night of diwali.Rahil is in the que for buying tickets,suddenly a girl fell on the back of rahil,and he turns on her.
Girl: i m so sorry
Rahil ahays on her not stopping to see her.
Girl: plz i m so sorry,
Girl: cn u plz help me?
Rahil: yup sure!
Rahil: what happen?
Girl: actually i have to go home,so plz make my ticket confirm,i cudn`t reach to the window of ticket counter with due of this crowd in amass.
Rahil: ok
(Rahil take her ticket and see her name on the ticket and  make her ticket confirm).
Rahil: Xcuse me!
Rahil: Its ur ticket mam.it has confirmed.
Girl: (smiley) Thanx....
Rahil: you welcome
Rahil: will u take water
Girl; nope! thanx
( Girl moves to the bus,rahil run to her and stop her )
Rahil: Xcuse me!
(girl turns on him)
Girl; yup
Rahil: If u dont mind can we talk for a while?
Girl: yes,ofcourse
Rahil: Wats ur name?
Girl: Sana
Rahil: hi, i m Rahil
(both are talking for sometimes,between their gossip,rahil asked her mobile no and she also give him her no to continoue with him)

                          SCENE 3

(Sana and Rahil are talking on phone and rahil is trying to fascinate her not for faux relation but to be fasten amid in bonny sense,Increasingly at last,both fall in love to each other and remains woo ahay in their relationship which creats at last a boo for frenzy but bash emotion which is an aholic in pique manner.They decided to meet at a place as per woo of sana)
In a couple restaurant,both are there and whispering some amid bash in triumph sense.
Sana: Rahil! dis is our 1st and last meeting
Rahil: Why are you telling like so?
Sana: ssss I dn know,but we cant meet at any more
Rahil: but why?
Sana: I cnt say the reason
Rahil: Do u not love me?
Sana: Ofcourse i love you
Rahil: then why u say like so?
Sana: I cnt tell u any reason,rahil,but we can meet again
Sana: We could not be together ever
Rahil: Why u come in my life?Why u Say me that u love me
Rahil: Is that ur love faux?
Sana: I don know anything.
Sana: now let me go
Rahil: ok you must go but listen i love you forever and plz if u can as soon as possible turn on me at once
Sana moves from there and rahil gonna in deep boozy with his fritz purr.

             SCENE 4

Rahil has lost his sense and remains woo her for his feeling and continously call her which is not been responded by her to any impel as of fritz emotion.
Vaibhav: rahil why are u trying to go there?
Shashank: buddy she is not ur type girl
Vaibhav: just fuck off her and make ur life glimps
Shashank: buddy she has faux feelings for u.u should mind it.
Rahil: no.yar i love her
Rahil: i wait her since m last breathing
Vaibhav: nope, u shoul forget her
Shashank: rahil vaibhav is right right,fuck off yar
Rahil :( with his swoolen eyes) nope , i cant live without her
Rahil: she tells me she loves me
Shashank:then why she dumped ou
Rahil: she hasn`t dumped me
Rahil: yup she said for a certain reason,we could not be together
Shashank: Ask her the reason
Rahil: She could not tell me the reason.
Vaibhav: this is bullshit
Shashank: She made you seriously fool my bro
Rahil: If she really loves me,she must come and i await her come back forever.

     THE END