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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Why am i a Trollope?

Once I had a glory,
Dignity and pride
Of my parents,
I had a world of roses.
Now, a lonely star outside
The closed universe
I had my twisted soul
Long ago
I experienced
The darkest of pain
That was a black day
I  sold by twerp
For his income
Due to addiction of wine
Every guy take me high
At every night bit by bit
And I pert them
To get passion flower by them.
Whenever their lips meet mine
My throat burns with anger
While my stomach growls even mare.
I lost my hopes
My dignity
My soul and
They took my virginity
My hopes & dream
Now, I am nothing
Nut a Trollope before you.
  I stand in front of the mirror
And wipe the beg away
My vision is still hazy
From ridding myself this way
I ashamed of what I have done
But it hurts me more
I can’t make myself stop doing it
Because yet I have lost my hopes
I can’t be for samon’s true

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  1. life is nothing without love and affection bro.