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Thursday, 28 March 2013

traffic signal



I loited here and there on the footpath at once
I stopped for a moment at the traffic signal
People were busy there
Rushes of car were every where
I felt in my heart that
Life teaches me what is!
Tell me have complicated it can be
A child ran here & there
Beg money to come hopefully
Near the window of every car.
I looked around in sheer trust ration
People put-on AC and a boy asked for money
That he is alone and has to earn
To serve his life at there
Some one payed him as his luck
He moved to another car
And asked for money
With a new reason and crushed his luck
A girl felt pain, standing at the traffic signal
She had to be sell herself at there
It was not her profession
But what could she do?
For her stomach
She had no hopes, no dreams
But only tried to earn money
She was not raped but raped daily
Because she didn’t want that actually
But still she had to stand there
In search of her customer there
For a moment  at traffic signal


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