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Thursday, 28 March 2013



I loit, I loit in the dark calm,
Inside the belle of my mom.
She took me diet in pleasant,
She got me alive in the bright.
She made me suffer from dawn to dusk.
Oh! Mummy, Oh! Mummy.
Ye… The lovely divine
Oh! Mummy, Oh! Mummy
Ye... The lovely suphire
Has  rainy eyes
Keep smile on face.
Go to a tour of desire
Take a purr in the heart.
I loit, I loit in the dark calm.
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….the lovely face
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….. the questioned eye
 She has a woeful ballads
Composed by emetic heart
Listening her teary eyes.
Ye…. Have a puzzle ego.
Which is full woeful satchel.
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye…. The buzz passion
Oh! Mummy Oh! Mummy
Ye….. The Questioned escape


  1. nice lines i like it

  2. Syed Talat HUSSAIN11 April 2013 at 02:57


  3. its really amazing bro, just keep it on, best of luck.